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locations seeking economic development:

places striving to gain the attention of prospects; places having one or more individuals actively searching for development opportunities on their behalf, for example, area and local development representatives or members of ally networks. See the explanation of who uses The Network to learn more about the types of people who come together to work with opportunities. Read the .network mission statement to learn how people build and maintain working relationships in order to make economic development happen.

The best representatives of places seeking economic development are arrangers of things that prospects need in order to decide in favor of a location under consideration. Among such representatives are economic developers. Effective representatives of places seeking opportunities for development position themselves first as location data suppliers.

The Global Registry of Contacts (GRC) lists locations and contacts—those who can provide location data in the latter case. The GRC is an open access resource for searching. A user guide is available showing a typical online GRC document layout marked for accessing information about how to make effective use of it. If you are ready to search now, CLICK HERE.

Note: In the event that you search for a place of interest without finding it listed in the GRC, or if you do find what you want but the listing does not show a link, send an email. Help is available for free. It includes providing temporary links to profiles and contact data. You do not need to provide personal information to receive our (who we are) assistance.

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