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economic development marketing:

what economic developers do according to the American Economic Development Council (1991). Economic development marketing is primarily location marketing as an endeavor of area and local development representatives. Whichever way it's referred to, effective marketing transitions to resource and service providers positioned as location data suppliers and arrangers of things for prospects.

Development Counsellors International, has since 1996 surveyed corporate executives engaged in site selection, a process of the kind of enterprise development that leads to economic development. A 2011 report of the DCI survey activity addressing economic development marketing indicated that useful information provided by location data suppliers through websites was rated highly—When it comes to websites, data rules (source of quote).

Noteworthy also in the DCI report was the indication that dialoguing with peers (business networking) has held its high rating through the years in terms of influencing perceptions of business climate. That would seem to suggest that marketing followup and. networking are essentials for economic development success.

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