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a system that provides material welfare for its stakeholders as it functions to bring about the exchange and consumption of goods and services. a structure of economic activities in an area that affect and are affected by the conditions of production, development, management, and distribution of material wealth. Viewed as either systems or structures, economies are dynamic in the use of their resources.

Economies function globally and locally—and in geopolitical areas in between. Countries have national economies monitored and manipulated by their governments. The factors of production (labor, capital, land) are significant in systems structured throughout the stratum of geopolitical economies.

A publication of the Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, NM titled Building theories of economic process presents, as its main premise, the point that the financial system is the controlling network of the economy (source of quote).

An article titled "Economics" and Political Economy is published online by the Henry George Institute. It addresses about the factors of production.

The ebb and flow of ever-changing economies are affected by various conditions. Reference for has an article titled Economic Conditions that will explain more but here the emphasis is on how the condition of an economy is affected by its enterprise and economic development activities. The answer to the question of what conditions within an economy such developments affect can be found in a breakout of operative words and phrases in the The Definition of Economic Development Collection.

The Enterprise and Economic Development Library lists various types of economies.

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