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economic activity:

changes in an economy, such as those brought about by enterprise and economic development. Enterprise development as well as economic development is an economic activity. Systems for classifying enterprises and data about them according to their economic activity are used worldwide. The United Nations has its ISIC (International Standard Industrial Classification) system. See Business and Industry Classification in the Enterprise and Economic Development Library for more information.

Activity that leads to change is reflected in economic growth. An economic downturn or shrinkage is also change. Growth, sustainability, and downturns are measured on levels ranging from local economies to national economies. In the latter case, economic activity is commonly measured by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Economic activity is watched by those who are concerned with its consequences, for example, use of non-renewable energy resources. Since the Industrial Revolution serious rifts have occurred between different special interest groups as well as nations about how to manipulate and control economic activity.

The resource paper, Enterprise and Economic Development; A Beginning, provides a simple snapshot of economic activity as it starts out in location.

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