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community spirit:

. . . a sincere devotion or concern for one's own community. A person deemed to be community spirited is typically involved in something that either affects or is of interest to others in the community as well as those who are stakeholders in its future. Among those involved are community spirited volunteers which often come together and engage through community spirited organizations, for example, a chamber of commerce.

The community spirited might be activists working through special interest groups, some of which might be interested in protecting the status quo or natural environment. The community spirited might be interested in socioeconomic conditions and seek to address issues regarding sustainability, growth, development, and quality of life.

One example of community spirited enterprises is local banks (financial institutions)

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What is community spirited leadership?

The community spirited leader demonstrates ability to persuade and influence as well as act with motivation stemming from . . . sincere devotion or concern for one's own community (source of quote). Community spirited leaders engage with a guiding influence as related to plans and anticipations as well as happenings in and around places of community, especially, when it comes to accomplishments and other things shared in common. Copy search terms suggested below and use them to Google the Web for more information about community spirit, leadership and economic development.

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