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. . . a summarized description or analysis of a place where people live, work, and share things in common (source of quote). It is a publication or assemblage of location data as a resource for enterprise and economic development. It is informational material often provided to prospects by area and local development representatives as location data categories. The term is commonly used among those involved in site selection.

Publications and data assemblages may be referred to as an economic development profile or location profile as well as a community profile which elsewhere is defined as a summary of the history, present conditions, and anticipated future of an area. It provides an overview or series of snapshots of the area (source of quote).

Published profiles are used to promote places seeking economic development. Profiles are included as publications in location packages or they can be assembled from various location data sheets furnished in packages. Websites of places seeking economic development typically show links to various location data elements, in essence, providing a means for prospects to assemble the information they want on their own.

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