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community economic development:

. . . the combined processes of enterprise and economic development accommodated locally; i.e., the two processes working together for a satisfactory conclusion in a locale. The following paragraph was at one time available

Community economic development, which is . . . sometimes called "community-based economic development" and abbreviated as CED . . . specifies the geographic target of economic development activities as a rather limited locality . . . a comprehensive, wide-ranging program of activities for the overall improvement of the locality as a place to live and work. Because it is comprehensive in approach, it can include virtually any activity that might be seen locally as community improvement (for example, promoting a folk opera, drug abuse services, increased police protection, housing rehabilitation). But CED always includes some type of business development activity.

The source of the above quote also defined community as specifying . . . a category of people who are related to each other by virtue of living in the same particular locality (which implies that they also have some shared values and interests, arising from their common locality).

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